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The Kogi (jaguar) people are an indigenous ethnic group from the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta in Columbia. They are descendants of the Tairona culture, whose civilization predates the Columbian period. Their culture is based on belief in Aluna (the great mother) the creator, the force behind nature and that the earth is a living being and humanity its children.

In 1992 they reluctantly allowed a film crew into their homeland because they felt compelled to issue a warning to humanity, that Earth’s children have fallen out of harmony and their way of life is weakening the mother.

Although this film is almost 30 years old, the Kogi’s message has never felt more relevant.

Guardians of the Malaysian Rainforest

My bones now lie buried on top of a hill overlooking the saddest sight you can imagine. Majestic hills stripped of trees, mountains blown up to make a dam. I may be dead but my spirit lives on in my songs, and in the sacred (and now badly scarred) landscape I love so dearly.  One day my songs will be heard and they will soften the hardened hearts of the greedy ones who destroy more than they construct. When men’s hearts heal, so will the land.
Extract from Mak Minah Uncrowned Queen of the Temuan – http://www.magickriver.org/2014/09/mak-minah-uncrowned-queen-of-temuan.html

Guardians of the Forest

There’s no doubt that the Temun are thriving since they were relocated to their new village and now have access to clean running water, sanitary toilet facilities, electricity, satellite TV and Internet. I feel sure Minah would have enjoyed being able to watch her favorite Bollywood movies at home, but she would, I suspect, feel sad that the oral tradition she was so fiercely proud of has pretty much passed on along with her generation. Today, the call from the surau (Muslim prayer house) not the tappety tap of bamboo instruments, mingles in the evening breeze along with the sound of motorbikes, barking dogs, karaoke stars and laughter.

Photos of Kg Pertak by Ailsa Wright


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Chainsaw Massacre

Rasta Ramayana Rap

Lyrics: Sylvius  Music: Absence of Colour

The video version…

Take another deep breath

Take a Deep Breath - by Sylvius

Friends of Earth,boys and girls
I tell you the truth Human youths.
It's time to give a break to your planet, before all breaks.
Everywhere you hear despair.
Time of war, no more air.

Want pure oxygen to fill your lungs tomorrow?
Let the forests breath.
Want rain for crops to grow?
Let the oceans breathe
Want to drink clear water tomorrow?
Let the rivers breathe.

It's the Butakala Plastik time.
The Kali Yuga time.
Time of fear and scarface,
Never ending rat-race.
The nightmare will pass, be brave.
Don't be afraid, much to save.
In front of danger keep your smile.

Because every morning the Sun-Lord rises
Promising to always shine.
To give us love and light, that is your human right
Now, it's time to fight.
Join the army of nature's saviors.
You are the rainbow warriors.

Human take a deep breath, right now, right now, right now
Before it's too late.
Before you regret.
Before all disintegrate.
You must in nature celebrate
Right now, right now, right now.

A personal tribute to Mak Minah, from Ulu Selangor, Malaysia.
Minah kept the oral traditions of the Temuan tribe alive in the form of song and was an inspiration to many.

Plastik Blues

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.” Joseph Campbell.

Plastik Blues from Butakala Plastik

Blue mermaids come in many varieties, you can watch another one here: https://youtu.be/0vmtFrj7X1k




Destroying planet Earth

Our hOMe sweet hOMe

Our Mother


I often wonder if the doom-n-gloom-peddlers relish evoking fear and anxiety in others.

I’ve been there – overwrought, oppressed and overwhelmed about the state of the planet. But then I remember the humour of George Carlin; the blessings of Mozart; the beauty of nature; the joy of friendship; the inspiration of sharing and I immediately regain perspective.

In short I don’t buy into the pessimism and I’m happy to report that many, many others don’t either. WE are a far-flung, global collective of GREENSPIRATORS who have been quietly inspiring personal, community and planetary change and focusing on caring for our home planet, as anyone would care for mother… with love, respect, compassion.

Irrepressible optimists, who trust in the loving intelligence of our maternal planet…full of best intentions for us ALL and willing to overlook our flaws and misdemeanors. 

Rosy-eyed?  Not at all! Just reacting from an unassailable belief in humanity’s resilience and inventiveness in the face of dire circumstances.

And it doesn’t get more DIRE than it is right NOW, as our civilisation seems hell bent on hurtling blindly down the road to APOCALYPSE and with the media whipping up such a doomsday frenzy that insecurity, sadness, depression, despair are spreading throughout the human psyche like an epidemic.

By consuming the doom and gloom we become doomy and gloomy. It’s a downward spiralling life narrative that has been deliberately crafted by governments and corporations and other self-seeking entities to engender feelings of powerlessness and victimhood. It masquerades as culture, belief and knowledge. The fodder that dumbs down, numbs down.

It’s a twisted reality that only benefits the few and totally disrespects the sentience of Gaia and the dignity and integrity of all earthly beings.  So we distract ourselves with things, be they objects, obsessions or obligations and slowly lose more of ourselves as we seek refuge in our closing minds.

Now it’s time to lift the lid off the brain box.

To, as Bob Marley so eloquently put it, Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

To reconnect with the living presence of all creation.

It’s time to BREAK FREE.

It’s time to start rewriting the human narrative.

To create a future that is based on collaboration, not separation, cooperation not exploitation, inspiration not suppression.

A future that respects the divinity and dignity all of Earth’s creations.

A future that works in EARTH’s favour…in our COLLECTIVE favour.

It’s time to become part of a GREENSPIRACY.





Human extinction isn’t inevitable and neither is global destruction… it’s time to GET OVER OURSELVES and examine what we CAN DO to make sure we get onto the APOCALYPSE BYPASS.

WE CAN incubate, nourish, inspire, support and stir the human spirit through music, performance, images…Collectively we can REFOCUS REALITY.

It’s not about any ONE of us…it’s about ALL of us…sharing, inspiring and caring for each other and this beautiful planet, the blue and green cosmic pearl.


Connecting with concepts beyond words, beyond judgement, beyond separation

Opening hearts and minds…

To remind…


So go on…




From Bali, Island of the Gods, we present the inspiration of Ketut Nusu, the ninety seven year old Rejang Dance Masterhttps://youtu.be/EZRxnI0B69A