Cosmic library

Graphic rendition of the cosmic mythological opening of the Butakala Plastik Odyssey when the creator Ra sends his emissary to planet Terra to find out why humans are destroying his precious gift.
Will they be saved? Will they be eradicated as one would be rid of a pestilence?


I woke up in my dream that night.
My head so light, my heart bumping high.
Can you believe I was floating in space.
So quiet, no fear, in full grace.
In darkness, breathtaking, revolving.
One blue planet insight.
I heard a voice out loud resound,
“This is the cosmic memory…
All creatures so precious, unique.
Collected by me in my living library,
Ready to seed our galaxy.
Don’t forget humans, you are the guardians
This is your duty.
You are not alone, don’t worry.

Don’t forget whispered legends of old time
For your children, you must believe in dream time
Take you kids for mystic adventures,
The forest, the jungle, the mountain, the river
To meet the spirits of nature.
You will find a paradise bird feather
Hiding behind a rock, a fern, a flower.
Hug a tree as your breathing brother
The mighty oxygen provider
Until your last breath inhale,
Exhale prana’s wonder.
Going back home, my mission is over
Feel so worried about earth’s future.
Be aware of your blue green planet
Before she turns in a suffocating disaster.”

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