Laki Penan – Lest we forget

Bruno Manser was a Swiss environmental activist who lived with the indigenous nomadic Penan tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia for 6 years. Initially he went there to satisfy a personal desire to live close to nature, without the need of money. However, as the Penan lifestyle came under attack from rapacious logging companies backed by the government, he became Sarawak’s public enemy number one for organizing blockades against the timber companies and drawing international attention to the fight to preserve the rainforest and indigenous human rights. He disappeared in May 2000 and was officially presumed dead five years later.

The following film Bruno Manser LAKI PENAN is a moving tribute to one of the 20th century’s greatest ecowarriors.

Bruno’s work has continued through the Bruno Manser Fund . You can check out their latest film The Mulu Land Grab here:

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